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The Magpul Compact/Type Restricted (CTR for short) is another one of the PMAG stock offerings. The stock may be a bit heavier than other shares available, but at. 57lbs, I don’t think you’re likely to have to spend any extra time in the gym bulking up as a result of this thing. The CTR is a simple drop-in alternative to the typical stocks. So, if you do decide to purchase it, just put it on and go. The CTR, like every one of the other Magpul shares. Can be obtained for both mil-spec and commercial-spec pipes. Speaking of, does anybody know why they make 2 different diameters? Just seems to do nothing besides confuse people. Anyway, The CTR includes a sleek A-frame design. That A-frame looks great for avoiding snags which often seems to occur. The release lock to regulate the stock forward and aft is protected by the design, unlike the standard carbine shares. This may prevent inadvertent activation.

This stock, and I think all the Magpul shares, include a friction lock. Now, this friction lock basically solves the issue that’s effects just about all adjustable shares to the mark. It prevents the vibration. Therefore, this stock seems very sturdy and very good quality. So, because this friction lock prevents shake you might argue that it will improve reliability. Now, it will probably, however not to a degree. Therefore, do not expect you’ll be changed into a sniper but buy the CTR Magpul stock. You need the PRS to do that, ha-ha. The higher level polymers which can be used to create this stock allow it to be very sturdy and this stock will tolerate a whole lot more abuse compared to the regular stock. I’m not sure what PMAGs in stock does to their materials, however they are extremely stable and can good coat and emerge with a smile. The stock also comeswith a rubber recoil pad. This mat is most likely more for additional traction than recoil reduction, but in any event it is a good feature. The only real thing that you may be picky about is the added weight. But, for one thing, it’s not that large. Two, with added weight comes added durability. This stock is quite highly recommended for anyone that has an AR at their disposal.

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